Offline Credit Card processing

This plugin will store the first and last four digits of the credit card to your database and send the middle digits to your specified email address (multiple email addresses if needed).  Never stores complete card number in a single place.

  • The script will validate card number through checksum algorithm to ensure the number is keyed in correctly and require a valid expiration date.
  • Automatic card type detection, if the card security code is required, it will detect if the card is American Express and prompt the customer for a 4 digit code instead of the 3 digit code.
  • Specify title and description customer sees on payment box and confirmation thank you page.
  • Choose from the default payment box or a fancy payment box.
  • Specify one or more email addresses to send the additional card details to.
  • Customize the subject and body of the additional email easily with shortcodes.
  • Option to add additional text on your thank you page.
  • Works with all debit/credit cards that you accept.
  • Settings allow you to specify which cards you accept and will create a drop down in the payment box allowing your customer to easily identify the type of card they can use for payment.
  • Option to require card holders name in the payment box.
  • Option to require card security code. If required, the security code is sent to your email address and never stored.
  • Option to require zip code in the payment box.
  • Option to select from built in logos or use your own.
  • Ensures you didn’t forget enabling SSL if not in “test mode”.
  • WooCommerce tested up to Version 6.3.0 compatible

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